Quality politics

In BOTECH Fraud Prevention & Intelligence (hereinafter BOTECH) we work according to Quality standards, which allow us to offer our customers a comprehensive, personalized service with a high degree of professionalism focused on “CYBER SECURITY SERVICES“, maintaining the maxim of establishing relationships based on trust and the creation of value on an ongoing basis between employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the Company.

Our purpose is to guarantee an adequate service to the customer’s needs, anticipating the evolution of the global market and defining competitive prices with the best product and service quality.

From the above, BOTECH assumes the following commitments:

The design, implementation and maintenance of the QMS are based on the results of a continuous process of risk analysis and management, from which the actions to be developed within the system are derived.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the team that makes up BOTECH is committed at all times to carry out its work in accordance with the customer’s requirements and on the basis of the guidelines set out in this policy, and the management is committed to providing the necessary resources.

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Corporate Management