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Did you know that 87% of Spanish companies have suffered a cyber-attack in the last year and that 95% faced additional security challenges when having to work remotely? Human error and lack of security awareness are now the most significant risk to your business.

We develop Ad Hoc courses

Cybersecurity training and awareness for work teams is no longer optional, it is a must for organizations. Whether you are a small office, or a large multinational, training and awareness are critical for any company concerned about security and compliance, and that is why the BOTECH Academy was created.

We develop Ad Hoc courses oriented to the needs of each organization and its specific requirements.

Cybersecurity changes at breakneck speed and for this reason it is very important that the entire team of a company has updated knowledge and is aware that security is a fundamental part. Without this knowledge, the company could face serious reputational, image and financial problems in the event of an incident. Every day we handle an increasing amount of data and maintaining its security is essential for an organization.

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Maximum protection against cyber-attacks.


Increased awareness of the importance of cybersecurity among employees.


Best practices in the workplace in terms of Information Security.


Action protocols defined in the event of security incidents.

Training and awareness for companies

Employees are one of the most important security measures that a company can count on, so their training is especially important to be able to recognize cyber threats and know how to act to prevent a breach of your company.

An untrained employee can be the gateway to security incidents. We transfer our international experience and knowledge of more than a decade in the world of cybersecurity to the academic world, where we provide our clients with a series of training courses necessary to keep their businesses safe.

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PCI DSS Training and Awareness

A course that goes deeper into the regulations so that employees know everything about PCI DSS.

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Secure development training according to PCI DSS standard

Secure Development for companies that develop web applications that are subject to PCI DSS.

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Cybersecurity training

This training, lasting 90 minutes, will allow you to learn the basics of cybersecurity.

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Fraud prevention training

Get trained in the process of identifying and analyzing security incidents, as well as main malware.

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Awareness courses are 100% adapted to the needs of the company, its employees, and its management team.

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It is a tailor-made platform for both personal and business growth.

  • Up-to-date training adapted to current needs.
  • Tailor-made courses according to your needs.
  • Autonomous learning.
  • Elimination of space-time barriers.
  • Combination of audiovisual and interactive materials.
  • Technology as a basis.

A modern, interactive, individualized and adapted platform.

  • Updated contents.
  • Adapted to business reality.
  • Online training.
  • Autonomous learning.
  • Final supervision.
  • Learning plan adapted to your needs.
  • Tailor-made content.
  • Designed and planned by a team of specialists.

We have features and benefits that BOTECH Academy can bring to your company.

  • Open source technology.
  • Contents in the Moodle e-learning platform.
  • Customize your Moodle with your corporate colors.
  • Create a customized course for your teams according to the contents that most interest you.
  • Check who has entered the courses to be able to track team courses.

No matter how many cybersecurity measures you implement, they will never be effective if you do not have a trained and aware workforce. Security training and awareness significantly reduces the risk of exposure to incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is targeted for cybersecurity training and awareness?

Absolutely to any organization. Cybercrime is here to stay and affects all companies regardless of their size or area of activity.

In addition to the financial consequences, since a cybersecurity incident can result in the blocking of a service for a certain period of time, it can cause significant damage to the company's image and reputation.

Would this training suit my company's needs?

Of course. Our trainings are designed with the needs of each organization, its sector of activity and its team in mind.

My organization is small, is this type of training really necessary?

Of course, a security incident can result in losses that, in many cases, an SME cannot bear and may even lead to its closure. Having the right knowledge to detect and prevent an incident is of utmost importance.

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