vSOC ThreatGuard+

On guard against threats for less than it costs you to drink a cup of coffee a day.

A virtual Operations Center at your disposal

Your security is NOT negotiable: maximum efficiency, minimum infrastructure.

About 160 million malware samples are created every year. In the time it takes you to read this paragraph, 30 more samples have been created.

There are 578 ransomware attempts worldwide every minute. That is, 10 every second. Ten now. Another ten. Ten more.

An attack vector costs a few tens of dollars on the Dark Web. Recovering from an attack costs several tens... of thousands.

Millions of data for an analysis experience at the highest level. Whether you want to see them or not, you will always be protected.

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What does vSOC ThreatGuard+ protect me from?


It is cybercrime's weapon of choice: hijacking all your company's information and your life to force you to pay a ransom. We want to put an end to this situation.

As a fact, in a single second (yes, in ONE), there are 10 ransomware attempts in the world. We help you not to be part of that statistic.


Information is power and absolutely all organizations, regardless of their size or activity, have valuable information either about their business or their customers. Indeed: yours too.

TWO out of every five companies suffer a theft of confidential information every year. We help you protect it to offer maximum security to your business and your customers.


It is fine to stop your activity when you decide to stop, not when you are forced to.

A company's service interruption after a cyber-attack lasts an average of THREE days, although it can last several weeks. With vSOC ThreatGuard+, you decide when you want to stop your activity.


We know that passwords cause more than one headache.

You know what? It takes FOUR days (or less) to crack, by random testing, any 8-character password. We make sure yours are insurmountable.


Being a victim of a cyber-attack means: tools that you have to reconfigure, work time that you lose, data that you misplace... a lot of money, which we save you from having to pay.

In fact, the average cost of recovery after a cyber-attack is FIVE thousand euros... per device. An amount that will surely come in handy for you to invest in your business.


"That you say you're going to start working with whom? Aren't those the ones who had all their customer data stolen?" Building a good reputation takes a lot of work and a lot of time, something that a cyber-attack can destroy in just minutes.

And just as well, because the bad reputation after a successful cyber-attack lasts an average of SIX months.


In this industry, victims pay twice: the cost of the incident and the penalty for not having properly configured their policies.

And the fines are no nonsense: The SEVEN largest EU cybersecurity fines total more than €500 million. We prevent you from being the next (double) victim.


Can you imagine what it's like to lose in a second the customers you have built up over years of intense dedication?

In EIGHT weeks, you can lose up to 15% of your customers after suffering a cyber-attack. vSOC ThreatGuard+ is, above all, an investment to keep your business with maximum security and maintain your client portfolio.


Even if you recover all your data and the criminals are apprehended, your most valuable information no longer has that stamp that made it yours.

In addition, it takes an average of NINE days after a successful attack to recover that valuable information. With our vSOC you will avoid that loss.


You know what insurance companies are like: if it's happened to you once, it can happen to you again. You are a risk. So you pay more.

At a minimum, insurance policies are increased by TEN percent following a security incident. Another large amount of money that you will save and that you will be able to use for more productive purposes.

Yes, we know what doubts you may have

Do not be afraid. In this case it is 100% certain that the cure is better than the disease. You simply won't even know that we are monitoring every minute of the day what is going on around you. You won't even know it. To the question of whether everything will work the same, we answer no: it will work better.

BOTECH has been offering, for 12 years, the most innovative cyber-security, cyber-intelligence and anti-fraud services globally to provide our customers with maximum security. We work for leading companies in strategic sectors and our specialization in fraud prevention and financial and digital asset protection has led us to maintain a solvent position today with more than 400 clients worldwide.

In addition, vSOC ThreatGuard+ is a joint project with BitDefender, a cybersecurity giant that monitors more than 500 million devices, employs 1,600 professionals, works for 50,000 corporate customers and has a market capitalization of 1.2 billion euros.

We offer what we offer, because we have the full capacity to offer it.

And you are right. You focus on your business: produce, provide service, sell, make cash, pay your people and add value to society. We take care of your security so that you don't have to know what a log means, what parse means or what a CVE is. We will tell you at any time what is wrong and how to fix it. We'll save you headaches while protecting your infrastructure.

Our vSOC is NOT an "antivirus". We use the most advanced technology on the market, cross-reference millions of cyber-intelligence data, and rely on the experience of our technicians and specialists to control every detail of your digital activity, without you noticing the slightest drop in performance. You will continue to work as you have been doing.

No one thinks their business is being targeted by cybercrime until it's too late. Unfortunately, once it happens, the damage is extensive and, on some occasions, the consequences are so serious that they even lead to the closure of the business.

You'll be surprised to learn that our full-equipment solution costs less than you spend on a cup of coffee a day.

It doesn't matter if you already work with an IT company, this is an additional layer of security that will allow you to maximize the security of your organization.

I need vSOC ThreatGuard+ if I am thinking about things like...

Keeping up with the threats is too big a task for me

I do not have sufficient resources to deal with a security breach

It is impossible to be 24/7/365, that is to say, always and at all times, aware of

It is impossible to be 24/7/365, that is to say, always and at all times, aware of

The bad guys are always ahead, so there's little I can do but sigh

Even if I could pay the best professional, I will never be able to go to bed with peace of mind

From what I know of this matter, I have probably already been compromised

That's why I pay for insurance, to cover me in case of an incident

VSOC ThreatGuard+ Protection Commitment

Specialized analysts at your service as part of the native service

We cover all touch points, from report management to urgent notifications to incident response monitoring.

Advanced security operations

Monitoring, threat hunting, research, context, modeling, and telemetry.

f it is not efficient, it is not safe

Optimization of tools and processes through: automation, integration, improvements and continuous transformation of products and services.

Ingeniería de máximo nivel

Top-level engineering

Incident management, forensic analysis, and threat intelligence, plus the usual services of a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), with tactical analysts at your service. Engineering and software feeding our vSOC MDR with dozens of certifications, experience in cloud and IT systems management, and approvals as military intelligence at the service of the most recognized institutions.

Oportuno y completo

Timely and complete

Service level agreements (SLAs) to prioritize critical and high-priority incidents, emergency containment with a wide set of automated actions, on-demand and self-initiated reporting, and ad hoc monitoring, among other features.

Enfoque Integral y Personalizado

Customization and adaptation

Ability to adjust all vSOC-related tools, event correlation capabilities, and everything needed to build a stable, advanced, and efficient defense infrastructure.

What organizations experience vs. What we offer

With standardized solutions

  • entorno de amenazas

    An environment of increasing threats in a market lacking skills.

  • pérdida de datos

    A paralyzing fear of data loss, service interruption or identity theft.

  • marco regulatorio

    An increasingly complex and demanding regulatory framework that is constantly evolving.

With vSOC ThreatGuard+

  • estrategia de seguridad

    A solid, scalable, and adaptable security strategy with talent at your service

  • Protección integral

    Comprehensive protection to leave behind the potential victim complex, easy to implement and effective.

  • compliance aprobado

    An ecosystem to turn “compliance” from a nightmare to an effortless habit.

We know it is difficult to trust without testing. That's why we offer you a free, no-obligation trial.

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