SOC Certifications
(Service Organization Control)

We assist you in your compliance to demonstrate your commitment to information security and data protection for your data protection of your customers

What are SOC certifications and who must comply with them?

SOC (Service Organization Control) reports, known as SOC 1, SOC 2 or SOC 3, are organization and system control reports and systems established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Their main purpose is to perform independent, third-party analyses that provide valuable information to for users in assessing and managing the risks associated with an outsourced service.

Each SOC certification has a different purpose and is intended for a different audience and to cover a different audience and to meet a different compliance need.

There are 3 types of SOC (Service Organization Control) reports aimed at different aspects of an organization's controls depending on the focus and purpose of the audit performed.


Focused on controls related to financial information.


Designed to manage risk and protect customer information based on the security, availability, confidentiality, privacy and integrity of customer information. security, availability, confidentiality, privacy and integrity of processing. processing.


Similar to SOC 2, it is a report designed for a wider audience. It can be shared publicly and is often used as marketing material.

SOC reports can be of 2 types:

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