PCI PIN Certification

The regulation aims to reduce fraud, protect sensitive payment information and increase data security through personal identification number (PIN) protection

What is PCI PIN?

Payment Card Industry PIN Security (PCI PIN) is a regulation that seeks maximum security of the PIN (Personal Identification Number) in online and face-to-face transactions at ATMs or point-of-sale (POS) terminals, both attended and unattended.

PCI PIN objectives

  • Identify the minimum security requirements for PIN-based exchange transactions.
  • To detail the minimum acceptable requirements for the secure handling, processing and transmission of the PIN number in economic transactions.
  • Ensure all participants in the retail payment system that cardholder PIN data will not be compromised.

Who must comply with PCI PIN?

This policy applies to all acquirers and agents responsible for processing VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and JCB (the PCI Security Standards Council marks) PIN transactions.

That is, it applies to any organization that collects with point-of-sale terminals, ATMs and other on and offline transactions involving the PIN number.

Who can perform a formal PCI PIN compliance assessment?

Formal PCI PIN compliance assessments can only be performed by Qualified PIN Assessors (QPAs).

BOTECH is a distribution channel for its service and PCI PIN certification company registered with the PCI Security Standards Council for Europe and Latin America.

The list of approved assessors can be found on the PCI SSC website:


Our QPAs with extensive international experience:

  • They ensure maximum control over the entire evaluation process.
  • They bring extensive knowledge of fraud and cybersecurity in payment systems in Europe and Latin America.
  • Each client is unique and that is why our team adapts 100% to the needs of each project.

We accompany and advise you throughout the process so that you can achieve compliance with the PCI PIN standard in an agile and simple manner. Let’s talk!

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