Intelligence: the knowing experience

Cyberintelligence, a capital activity

Cyber intelligence is the core of our identity.

We provide fundamental knowledge about current threats, strategies employed by cybercriminals and potential vulnerabilities.

This global and in-depth perspective of the security landscape empowers our clients to make informed and proactive decisions to protect their digital assets.

In cybersecurity, more than ever, knowledge means power.

That is our vision of cyberintelligence.

Protection of Digital Assets

Protection of Digital Assets

Protect your digital identity from cybersquatting

The Internet is such a big cake, and so greedy, that there will always be someone who wants to occupy your domains.

Keep your accounts safe from phishing

The persistent threat to your email accounts... and those around you.

Protect your mobile applications from spoofing and malwares

Applications that look like yours, but are pirated... or that are yours, but come with a "surprise".

Ensures the availability of your services at all times

There is no worse business vector than the expression "the service is down". We save you from having to say it.

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Protect your corporate identity and brand against unauthorized use.

We detect and report unauthorized use of corporate identity.

Keep your credentials secure and under control

It's not that your session "won't go" or "got stuck". It's just that this session is no longer yours.

Protect the online reputation of your VIP profiles

If your C-Suite does not have the controls of its impact on open sources, others will do so for illegitimate purposes.

Prevent confidential information leakage and keep it within your borders

The information that should NOT be outside your company... openly exposed.

Protection of Financial Resources

Protection of Financial Resources

Protect your finances against card theft

Hundreds, if not thousands, of cards are leaked daily. It's not just your money: it's also what they will do with it.

Detects and blocks illegal use of mule accounts

Accounts opened by criminals in the name of third parties to operate illegally obtained funds.

Data Analysis and Threat Intelligence

Data Analysis and Threat Intelligence

IOCs. Anticipate and protect your data with advanced intelligence

Ahead of the code, there are thousands of pieces of evidence pointing to possible breaches. We compiled them for you.

Defend your business against malware

The only malicious code whose main mission is to disrupt the activity of your business.

Stay one step ahead of cybercrime with cyber threat intelligence:

Zero-day vulnerabilities, impact of cybercrime, prominent APT activity and other associated risks.

Know the threats in detail and make decisions based on valuable information

Highly detailed reports on specific threats, on your own initiative or on demand as needed.

The threat intelligence pathway

These are the differential elements of BOTECH

Experience and Expertise

Experience and Expertise

Team of experts with more than 30 years in the sector. We master the language of our clients and keep abreast of the latest trends in order to anticipate and mitigate negative impacts, offering you clear and effective solutions. We build day by day the alphabet of cyberintelligence, where knowledge is the key to succeed in the digital world.

Proprietary Technology and Innovation

Proprietary Technology and Innovation

Innovation is our main credential. We develop proprietary technologies based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that allow us to proactively detect and prevent cyber attacks. Our avant-garde vision always puts us one step ahead of cybercriminals, providing you with advanced and efficient solutions.

Comprehensive and Personalized Approach

Comprehensive and Personalized Approach

Our vision extends beyond conventional boundaries, defying expectations and adapting to your needs. We dive deep into your infrastructure and technology environment, exploring every detail to design truly unique solutions. Beyond words, we demonstrate, with tangible facts, the value of our partnership. That is why we are confident that we become committed partners, with the security and support necessary to face any challenge with confidence and conviction.

What threats does Botech protect against?

Phishing and Identity Theft

We are specialists in detecting and preventing phishing and identity theft Thanks to our experience and advanced technology, we prevent you from falling into traps that compromise your reputation and the confidentiality of your information. We protect your identities from A to Z.

Malware and Malicious Applications

Our constant monitoring of unofficial marketplaces allows us to proactively identify and address the presence of malicious applications that may affect your brand or compromise the security of your organization. We remove these threats to reduce the risk of malware infections and data loss. We are the protective shield in the digital world.

External and Internal Threats

We provide you with complete visibility of the digital environment. We identify both external vulnerabilities and internal threats to your ecosystem. Our ability to anticipate any danger makes us the guardians of security, protecting your assets and keeping your business safe and growing.

And now, let's put some brains into it

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