Fraud prevention

BOTECH is one of the worldwide leaders in fraud issues thanks to its extensive experience and continuous work with big financial organizations, the main targets of these incidents

Continuous innovation

Our team's continuous innovation enables us to apply novel technologies to address new challenges arising from sophisticated fraud techniques which are currently used.

After working with in the financial industry for more than a decade, BOTECH has decided to apply our experience to protect other industries. Currently, we apply our extensive experience to protect industries such as online gaming, e-commerce, physical security and insurance, by using the latest innovations applied both in our company and beyond.

prevencion de fraude

Ensuring the proper operation of processes and the efficiency of fraud prevention and detection systems is key to any organization. Our consulting and evaluation system allows us to develop a simple and clear assessment of fraud prevention strategies used by a client, in order to optimize and improve them continuously by analyzing the history of confirmed fraud in its channels.

By performing a comprehensive study about a client's transactions and the detected fraud, we can detect:

  • New patterns of fraud
  • New places of use
  • New complicit businesses
  • Detecting compromise points
  • Inefficient rules

All the information obtained from the study allows us to develop an improvement plan to the fraud prevention service, which includes: analyzing and tuning existing fraud detection rules, proposing new authorization rules, informing about detected vulnerabilities and unforeseen fraud patterns, as well as providing conclusions and recommendations.

Ask us about how to reduce fraud in your organization and benefit from the knowledge that we have gathered during more than a decade as a company with international recognition.

We provide help and assistance to our clients in the implementation of fraud prevention and detection systems in all their channels. Such as:

  • Monitoring systems of transactions in real-time
  • Systems of adaptive authentication
  • Systems of protection and transactional integrity at the endpoint
  • Tools for the orchestration
  • Data Analysis

By drawing information from a comprehensive study of a client's processes, we will select the technology that best fit your needs.

As experts in anti-fraud services and solutions, cybersecurity and intelligence, we consider training as a principle, both for our employees and our clients, to whom we provide training fully adapted to their needs and aligned to their business goals.

General modules such as cyber intelligence, and more specific and technical knowledge like Malware or Forensic Analysis are part of our company's training catalog.

Training is not an option in an industry which is constantly evolving and it is a commitment from our company to collaborate in the personal and professional growth of our staff and clients.

The purpose of this service is to provide help to our client by monitoring its transactions continuously, as well as collaborating in security incident resolution and mitigation.

Our service is able to operate under any fraud management platform. It provides a method that has been proven in hundreds of projects and endorsed by the leading company in fraud operation.

By combining our capabilities with the infrastructure of one of the most advanced SOCs, we have created the ‘Fraud Detection Oriented SOC’ to provide an operation service which is completely managed, tailored to demand and 100% client-oriented.

By using Machine Learning and Deep Learning, our Data Science experts obtain useful information from a large amount of data and create fraud prediction motors aiming to prevent possible incidents before they happen and offering a plan for constant improvement in services.

Our wide experience in the fraud sector allows us to make a highly reliable prediction. BOTECH proprietary systems analyze the information according to established parameters and process it using algorithms created by our team and adapted to the characteristics and requirements of the client.

We help you protect your business!

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