Cybersecurity is the set of processes, techniques and tools that allow us to keep our systems safe and 'healthy' avoiding weaknesses that serve as gateway for attackers.

Continuous innovation

Every day we see how large corporations, governments, municipalities, SMEs and individuals are attacked and extorted by criminals who access their computers. This is why at BOTECH we work on both incident analysis and multidisciplinary training.

We accompany our clients by adapting to each and every one of their needs, and advising them, step by step, thanks to the extensive experience of our team that allows us to support them in critical cases that may affect their organization.

Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving specialty. We are faced with new challenges every day and have to give incredibly fast and accurate answers. For these reasons continuous innovation is a maxim at BOTECH and all our services are aimed at optimization and efficiency.

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At BOTECH we perform three types of Ethical Hacking: White box, Grey box and Black box testing. The client decides what information to share with us to make a study as real as possible.

We audit the security systems, from the point of view of possible external attacks, and exploit these weaknesses to verify the levels of intrusion to which the information system analyzed is exposed.

We use state-of-the-art tools, discover the weak points and attack them by extracting, if the client so decides, information from the organization.

Our computer security experts generate intrusion tests, automatically and manually, to extract the necessary information and evaluate the suitability of the systems.

By means of the most advanced technology, the most critical points of the studied system are analyzed in order to know its weaknesses and to be able to give precise solutions to each specific case.

During the study, our team is in continuous contact with the client informing them of the different findings, as well as the critical vulnerabilities that should be solved most urgently.

We apply different scientific and analytical techniques to identify and preserve evidence after a cyber attack, to know the information that has been compromised, as well as the degree of damage caused.

Malicious code, attacks against the right to privacy, leakage of confidential documents, destruction of data..., are just some of the incidents against which Android forensic analysis protects you. Each forensic analysis, both remote and Android, involves an exhaustive work, of our team and collegiate computer experts, and has all the legal guarantees for procedural rulings generating a detailed report.

From the first moment the evidence enters the chain of custody and is stored with the maximum guarantees to avoid contamination.

The automatic malware analysis system identifies samples in which our customers are the target. Our team extracts all the information, thanks to reverse engineering, to be able to detect it unambiguously.

Once your IOC's, operability and network frames have been studied, a detection and information extraction algorithm is created and included in our malware analysis system to study future samples automatically and extract all the information concerning our customers.

Our unsupervised learning module and continuous analysis makes our system learn, achieve better detection ratios and extract as much information as possible from each sample.

The goal of the Threat Hunting service is to minimize the impact of security incidents by reducing detection time and optimizing response models.

BOTECH integrates in its clients a Threat Hunting and Investigation Service (THIS) that covers the monitoring of all network activity, in real time and with historical information that allows the detection and investigation of advanced malware-based attacks.

Avoid weaknesses that serve as a gateway for attackers. Ask us about it!

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